[UE4] Materials collection #1

Surface generation

 Water plane Post process distorsion effect Post process "water on lens" effect

[UE4] Hover based vehicle demo

A demo made on Unreal Engine 4 in which I test hover based vehicle behaviors, post process effects and materials, sound effects.

Download UE4 project

[Unity][Game Jam] Pigeon Break

For the Neon Game Jam #2, we had 40 hours to make Pigeon Break. The idea was to make a runner controlled by Quick Time Events and to play with soda cans. We used a MakeyMakey to connect the cans to the player body. When the player touch a can it sends an input, the QTE keyboard key are so replaced by the cans.
Note: the game is compatible with keyboard SDFG keys too.
Download Pigeon Break Windows

[Unity][Shader] Stylized Fog

I wrote a simple shader for Unity to make a stylized fog like Fire Watch's fog. The idea is to get a pixel on the texture depending on the pixel depth, if the fog is near, a pixel on the left on the texture uv will be picked, if the fog is far, a pixel on the right on the texture uv will be picked.
FeaturesChoose between a linear fog and an exponential fogChoose between a simple color or a texture Screenshots

Source Code [+] Shader

Shader "Hidden/Shader_StylizedFog"
_MainTex("Texture", 2D) = "white" {}
_FogColor("Fog Color", Color) = (1, 1, 1, 1)
_UseStylizedFogTexture("Use Stylized Fog Texture", Int) = 0
_StylizedFogTexture("Stylized Fog Texture", 2D) = "white" {}
_FogMinDistance("Fog Min Distance", Float) = 0
_FogMaxDistance("Fog Max Distance", Float) = 100
_IsExponential("Exponential Fog", Int) = 0
_ExponentialDensity("Exponential Fog Density", Range(0, 10)) …

[Unity][Game Jam] Douze Brother

For the Neon Game Jam, we had 40 hours to make a game. We made Douze Brother on Unity in C#.

You are a dictator after a putsch, your population will ask you questions to know how will be the new polity. The goal is to give answers that will convince the population to accept your polity. If you give the bad answer, people will reject it.

You can interact with some elements in the background, it will unlock charismatic sentences to say when using the giant screen. The sentences will unlock new dialogs on population.

Note: Use the DouzMarket to quit the game beautifully

Download the game

[GB] Retr0 GB: my Game Boy engine based on GBDK

What is Retr0 GB I worked on a Game Boygame engine for a month on my free time to be prepared for the Global Game Jam 2018.
Retr0 GB was developed in C using GBDK.

FeaturesCode your game in CManage sprites and/or box collision separately but in the same structure thanks to Movables (all non-static element as sprites, collision or both)Let your movables move freely pixel by pixel or constrain them on tiles (like RPG games) and let them interpolating their position themselves to next tileA complete collision systemMovable vs Movable blocking collisionMovable vs Movable overlap with automatic callback calls to manage easily what to do when movable A overlap movable BMovable vs MapCollision layers and layer masks to define which movable can collide with which other movableSprite animationsAnimated tiles (animation for map background)Map loader to load map easilyCalls to custom callbacks on map loaded and on update (called every frame) for each mapEasy to use map scrolling, define which mo…