[Unity][Arduino] The monitor

A demo of an other game controller, based on an Arduino Mega 2560. It uses buzzer, servo motor, switches, pots, joystick, RFID, LCD screen and keypad.

The concept of the game is to help a character escaping rooms without controlling him. The player is behind a CRT like screen and have some controls on its board to interact with mechanisms in the rooms.

[Unity][Arduino] Vroom Controller Mini

This is a demo of the Vroom Controller mini, my new racing game controller based on an arduino uno.
The vehicle speed is controlled by a linear pot, the wheels direction by a standard pot (hidden by the wood disk), and the moving direction (forward/backward) by a switch. 4 face buttons have been added to navigate in menu, so the game is entirely playable with the controller.
A LCD screen has been added to display vehicle speed on the controller.

[FPS Maker] Game demo 02

This is a small horror game demo of 3 levels showcasing the latest FPS Maker features.

Please, note this game is not a real game but a quick tech demo of a work in progress engine. It is naturally far to be perfect.

Download demo (windows x64)

[FPS Maker] Game demo 01

This is a simple level done with FPS Maker, my custom FPS game engine. It showcases the features in the current version of the engine. Download link at the end of this post.

Download- Demo Windows (x64)

[FPS Maker] Custom FPS Game Engine

What is FPS MakerFPS Maker is a FPS game engine with no coding knowledge requirements designed for absolute newbies in game development, it looks like more a game with its own map editor.
FPS Maker is written in C++ and uses Irrlicht for the rendering part and OpenAL for the audio part.

I started working on it 3 months ago, of course it is still under development and my free time will be highly shortened soon, so progress will be slow but I will try to add/improve features depending on my free time.

So this is how FPS Maker looks like for now, hoping I will have enough time to post updates.

Main FeaturesEditorMap editingPlay current map from editorBuild game in a standalone formatTile based navigation graph generation (automatic)Browse custom game assetsGameBasic FPS 3CWeaponsAI based on state machinesPath finding based on A* algorithmBatching for static geometryDynamic per pixel lighting (using a custom shader, not the Irrlicht built in one)2D/3D audio using OpenAL library Showcase

[UE4][Shader] Post process: tresholded black and white with sobel edge

This is a post process material I've done on Unreal 4 on my free time.

To make this rendering, this is what I done:
Post process material must be rendered before tone mapping to get "hard edge" on light radius attenuationOriginal image is desaturated to black and whiteColor masking, here color close enough to red is excluded from desaturationImage tresholding to keep pixels of a luminance under a predefined step black, the others become whiteOutline effectSobel operator used to detect edgesKeep only hard enough edge using tresholding againEdges lit by a light are blacks, others are white

[Unity][Arduino] Motion controller

This is the motion controller, my new video game controller based on an #arduino. It tracks its rotation on 3 axis.
This is a demo done on #Unity, the gun replicates the controller world rotation.